Navigating this Website


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This website has been created by the Fearrington Homeowners Association (FHA) for the benefit of residents of Fearrington Village.  Here’s a brief summary of what is available, and where to find it. 

You can access a lot of information without logging in.  However, some important details can only be found if you log in as a registered user. 

To find all the information, click Log In / Register at the top right of any page.  If you are registered, enter your user name or your email, and your password.  If you need to register first, click on the “Register” button. If you need help see more information about getting listed in the Directory and registering for the website.

Once logged in, you will see a “person” icon at the top right. Hover over that and you see a menu that allows you to edit your personal information.

If you are scrolling a long page, there will be an upward-pointing arrow in the bottom right. Click this to return to the top of the page.

Finding Help

If you are searching for something and don’t know where to look, the upper panel contains a number of links that may be helpful.  If you are new to the site, and especially if you are new to Fearrington Village, For New Users may help get you started. 

Search Website allows you to type in words or phrases to look for.  Can We Help You? Includes a list of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), and has an index that may help you to find a specific topic.  Whom to Contact has a list of email addresses and phone numbers for sources that residents often need to contact.

News and Events

On the home page, below the photograph, is a summary of recent news, and a listing of upcoming events in the village.  The What’s New list will keep you up-to-date on what has happened.  The Coming Events list is a summary of scheduled events that may interest you.  The Calendars, discussed below, provide a more comprehensive overview of upcoming events.

Scroll down to see more of these content in these listings.

Main Menu

The list in the left-hand panel provides links to most of what you will need.  For some links it is clear what they connect to, but one or two need explaining.  There’s a lot of material here; don’t try to absorb it all at once.  Feel free to explore; you cannot damage anything! 

Fearrington Village Life

This link takes you to posts about the village itself.  Fearrington 101 answers questions you may have about the organization of the village, which can be very confusing.  Other links offer a brief history, maps of the village, and a summary of the FHA covenants.  There is information about emergency services, and links to external websites you may find helpful.

Fearrington Homeowners Association

Here you can find information about the FHA itself, the Board of Directors, minutes of board meetings, and information about budgets.  Governance documents takes you to a collection of documents relating to the board and its activities. You can find copies of the covenants for each area, and a list of forms you may need. 

The management company handles dues and other financial matters.  If you live in an area that has a service group, you also should look at the service group information provided for your area.


The Directory allows you to find email addresses and phone numbers for neighbors, as well as other useful contact information.  “My Neighborhood” is a handy way to find information about everyone in your block or area.  You can enter or edit your own directory information.  You can also find contact information for Service Groups and for clubs and other groups.  There is an up-to-date version of the printed Directory and Handbook that is distributed annually.  You must be logged in to use most of these functions.


There are three calendars of events where you can find out about upcoming events.  Events taking place at the Gathering Place and events at Fearrington Cares have their own calendar.  The Combined Village Calendar includes all of these, as well as other village events that are taking place elsewhere.  You must be logged in to use these functions.

Belted Gazette Newsletter

The Belted Gazette is a monthly newsletter that contains important village news and interesting features.  It is provided in two forms, as a PDF file or as a web page.  

Service Groups

This page explains what service groups are, and provides links to each Service Group.  You must be logged in to use these functions.

Clubs and Other Organizations

Each group has its own information that is available through this page.  You must be logged in to use these functions.

Be a Volunteer!

Find out about volunteering, and the volunteers who are the mainstay of the FHA.  Read about what volunteers have accomplished for the village, and see where help is needed.  

Community Bulletin Board

The Bulletin Board is a location where residents can post and read comment provided by other residents.  Posts concerning state or national issues are generally not appropriate.  You need to be logged in to access the Bulletin Board.

Fearrington Cares

Fearrington Cares is an independent 501(c)3 organization that exists to help residents live healthy and meaningful lives.