Minutes of the Open Board Meeting – March 17, 2011

Minutes of the Open Board Meeting – March 17, 2011

The meeting was called to order by President Ken Talbot at 7:00PM. In addition to the Board members 28 residents attended the meeting as well as Ray Sohl representing CAMS. President Talbot introduced three new Board members, Tom Hauck elected as Director of Health, Safety and Security and Julia Hardy appointed as Director of Communications and Debbie DiSabatino as Director of Community Affairs. These appointments were necessary because former Directors had resigned for personal reasons.

Jim Morlan, the Treasurer, indicated that our cash position was good and that many of the problems associated with dues collection last year had been corrected. He noted that both the Federal and State tax forms had been filed and that a full audit was underway.

Tom Hauck then introduced Deputy White and Lieutenant Maynor from the Sheriff’s office who emphasized the need for residents to close garage doors and to lock their doors even when they were home. In response to a resident question about strangers in the neighborhood it was suggested that a call should be made to 542-2911 to report the incident. The 911 number should only be used for real emergencies. In response to questions raised by residents about issues such as barking dogs, and cats invading another owner’s property a suggestion was made that contact should be made with animal control. It was also suggested that since there may be a covenant violation contacting the local covenant committee might be another way to solve the problem.

Other residents raised issues about traffic and here the suggestion was made to contact the sheriff’s office if there was some specific information about violations which could lead to an increase in surveillance in the Village.

Tom noted that the FHA Board was sponsoring a Safety Fair on April 9th, 10-12 at the Gathering Place. There will be representatives from the Sheriff’s office as well as the Fire Department, and EMS. There will be an opportunity to have fire extinguishers checked and refilled as well as an opportunity for residents to ask questions and get answers.

Julia Hardy reported on the progress of the new website. She indicated that there were 675 residents who had registered and that the Directory was now on line so that residents could keep their phone numbers and e mail addresses up-to-date. She noted that the Fearrington Forum had 355 registrants and this provided a chat room atmosphere different from the Bulletin Board which is still operational. A number of residents thanked the Board for its efforts in seeing that this new website was created.

President Talbot then noted some of the items that the Board will be considering over the next several months. Among these are: 1. changes in the rental policy for the Gathering Place as well as a review of rates that are charged. 2. different lighting for the large meeting room in the Gathering Place 3. the Board will determine when the HVAC needs to be replaced and funds already exist in the reserve 4. seeing that there are candidates for vacant Board and Nominating Committee positions 5. examination of the existing policy on residential signs. 

In terms of future events Ken noted that another shredding date would be held in May and a hazmat collection date in October. In honor of Arbor Day the FHA will be planting some trees around the Beaver Pond, and the annual Easter Egg hunt will be held on the Saturday before Easter Sunday.

Ken thanked Ray and Beverly Andrews for their work on the Adopt-a-Highway Committee and the Women of Fearrington for the BBB sale which raises money for Chatham county charities.

In response to a resident’s request about notification as to when the old wooden street signs were going to be taken down Ken responded that this was in the hands of Fitch Creations and not the FHA. Another resident commented on the huge pile of dirt when one enters the Village from the Weathersfield entrance. The resident wondered whether this might be screened. It was noted that this is associated with the construction at Galloway Ridge and not under Fitch’s control.

A final comment before the meeting adjourned was a kudo to the Board for the landscaping around the Gathering Place and the redecoration of the large room in the Gathering Place. The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 PM.