Hints for Viewing the FHA Website

Hints for Viewing the FHA Website

Better than you might expect

Better than you might expect

Your experience using this website, and the success you have finding what you need, may depend on your knowing a few tricks.  Especially if you are using a small device, there are one or two things you should be aware of.

Too small?  Too large?

Sometimes you may find that the text and images on a web page are too small (hard to read or see clearly) or too large (hard to read a complete line or see a complete image).  On a touch-screen device you are probably familiar with changing the legibility of a page by using your fingers to enlarge or shrink it.  On a device with a keyboard there’s a way to change the size of the page.  Type [Ctrl]-[-], i.e., hold the Control key and type the minus sign.  Hold the Control key and type the plus sign to make things larger.  Type [Ctrl]-[0] (number “0“) to return to the standard size.

Which Way Up?

Pages are usually easier to read on a full-size device such as a laptop or desktop computer.  On a small device such as a tablet or a smart phone, you may find it helps to turn the device sideways (so-called Landscape Orientation).  This is, of course, the normal shape of the screen on a full-size device.  You should make sure your device is not locked in Portrait Orientation.

Menus, and Hamburgers

On a full-size device there are two menu bars, along the top of the screen and on the left side.  On a small device, one or both menus may compressed using a so-called “hamburger menu” on the top right.  This is an icon with three horizontal lines (looks like a hamburger).  Tap on this and you will see a list of all the items on both menus.  A plus sign indicates that there is a subsidiary menu for this item.

Back to the Top?  Or Just Back?

Reading a long document you will notice a faint upward-pointing arrow in the lower right corner of the page.  Clicking on this arrow will take you back to the top of the page.  If the arrow does not appear, try scrolling the page slightly up or down.

Another way to go back to something you were looking at previously is to use the left pointing arrow in the top left of your browser window, or bottom left on a small device. This arrow is supposed to take you back one page.  However, the definition of a “page” can vary. Usually it takes you back to a previous document you were viewing.  Sometimes it takes you back to an earlier place in the current document.