The Fearrington Homeowners Association, known as the FHA, is a volunteer, non-profit homeowners association responsible for maintaining the common areas of Fearrington and looking after the interests of residents. The FHA Articles of Incorporation assign three tasks to the Board of Directors:

  1. Enforcement of covenants;
  2. Maintenance of common property; and
  3. Promotion of the health, safety and welfare of village residents.

The FHA has contracted with Associa/HRW to assist in managing the FHA’s responsibilities.

In addition, the FHA Board is dedicated to making Fearrington an involved community by fostering resident participation in a wide variety of activities and functions intended to enrich life in Fearrington. The FHA supports many groups within the Village and recruits volunteers to serve on projects connected to specific community needs including Monthly Newsletter, Block Contact Program, FHA Directory and Handbook, Adopt-a-Highway, Care of the mail kiosks, Pathways and Walkways, FHA Hospitality and Service Center, FHA web site, Emergency Preparedness, and Green Scene.

The FHA Board of Directors

Rose Krasnow
  • Oversees the proper discharge of the FHA Board’s duties and responsibilities
  • Chairs Executive Committee, which provides oversight of the Management Company
  • Chairs Covenants Appeals Committee in association with Fitch Creations, Inc.
  • Convenes and presides over meetings of the Council of Presidents
  • Acts as FHA’s liaison with Fitch Creations, Inc.
  • Prepares agenda for and presides over the FHA Annual and Open Meetings
  • Prepares the FHA Annual Report
Vice President
Amy Ghiloni
  • Fills in for president in his or her absence
  • Serves on the Nominating Committee as a Board representative
  • Participates in the Executive Committee
  • Chairs the Long Range Planning Committee
  • Along with the President, serves as a liaison with Fitch Creations, Inc.
  • Serves as the Board’s representative at Chatham County Planning Board Meetings.
  • Serves as Chair of the Ad Hoc Wastewater Management Task Force.
Judy Graham
  • Attends Board meetings and work session meetings. Helps coordinate the annual meeting.
  • Prepares the agenda and transcribes minutes of meetings, including the annual meeting. Prepares drafts of minutes, distributes final copies of minutes to Board members and posts online, in a book of minutes, and on the FHA website.
  • Summarizes results of the Annual Meeting and other open meetings for the newsletter and the website.
  • Enters Board resolutions into the Book of Resolutions and on the FHA Website.
  • Participates in the Executive Committee.
  • Coordinates elections for Board positions:
    • Arranges with Nominating Committee for biographies of candidates to be published.
    • Prepares ballots for the Annual meeting, and coordinates with Management for proxies to be sent to non-residents.
    • Ensures that ballot boxes are available.
    • Counts and records ballots.
Neville A (Tony) Daniels
  • In conjunction with members of the Board of Directors, prepare annual operating budget and reserve budget (repair and replace program).
  • Monitors monthly financial income and expense transactions and balance sheet report, data provided by contractual agreement with the management company.
  • Interfaces with management company in the preparation and review of taxes and review/audit of financial records by an independent CPA firm.
  • Ensures that all excess funds are invested per board approved investment plan in a timely and prudent manner in accordance with risk, accessibility and return.
  • Interfaces with the management company in the procurement of contracts, vendor bids and pricing negotiation.
  • Makes financial records available to FHA members. They are maintained in the management’s office at the Gathering Place and on our web site.
  • Serves as a member of the Executive Committee.
Director, Covenants
Eric P (Ric) Frank
  • Chairs FHA Covenants Concerns Committee
  • Reviews all proposed modifications to house and property in Phases I-IV, the Woods, Bush Creek, and McDowell Place
  • Coordinates operations of the area covenants representatives.
  • Responds to residents’ written concerns filed in the FHA Office regarding any neighbor’s property perceived to be in violation
Director, Communications
Anthony J (Tony) Carroll
The Director of Communications keeps FHA members informed about activities of the FHA Board and events that might impact Fearrington Village. To this end, oversees and coordinates volunteers who maintain the following means of communication:
  • Website: managed by Conner Sandefur, Web Administrator
    • Content: News and features
    • Village Calendar
    • Clubs and Organizations: Directory
    • Residents Directory:
    • Help Desk:
  • Newsletter published monthly: 
    • FHA News, Features, Club and Group Announcements, New Residents
    • Printing and Email Distribution
  • Directory & Handbook published at the beginning of each year.
  • Emails sent from the Board to all residents as the need arises.
  • Posts current news items on the website.

Also assists in organizing webinars used for the Annual Meeting and FHA open meetings.

Director, Community Affairs
Pam Bailey

The Director of Community Affairs supports the various efforts of volunteers, social clubs, leadership groups and outreach organizations within the village, and is their liaison with the FHA.


  • Coordinates the Area and Block Captain Program including
    • recruitment and training of volunteers
    • communication among and between volunteers
    • monitoring effectiveness of the program
    • providing support and appreciation to volunteers
  • Participates in efforts related to the welcoming of newcomers
    • Communicates regularly with the Hospitality Office, Fearrington Cares Ambassadors, village clubs and others who strive to welcome newcomers to avoid unnecessary duplication and strengthen each party’s message.
    • Participates in the production of materials related to newcomers.
  • Provides support to the Hospitality Office volunteers as needed.
  • Works with various clubs and individuals to plan, publicize, and implement special events such as
    • Easter Egg Hunt
    • Volunteer Appreciation
    • Newcomer’s Fair
    • Adopt-a-Highway
    • Shredding and hazardous waste disposal
  • Recruits volunteers for needs within the village
  • Communicates with the Webmaster to keep current the Volunteer Central page of the Fearrington Village website.
  • Fulfills the duties of all FHA Directors
    • Submits a monthly report prior to Board Meetings
    • Attends Board meetings
    • Reviews Board meeting minutes and other documents for accuracy and suggests necessary changes
Director, Grounds and Landscaping
Zachary Traywick

The Director is responsible for the care, maintenance and improvements of common properties are owned by the FHA.

  • Provides oversight of the landscape maintenance company and works with them so that responsibilities are fulfilled in a timely manner.
    • Oversees performance of the contract for mowing and maintenance of grass at the sides of state roads and on FHA properties, pruning of roadside trees and bushes, bushes and trees at the Gathering Place and mail kiosks, and weed control of gravel paths.
    • Negotiates, oversees and monitors performance of the pond maintenance contract.
    • Inspects the playground equipment for safety and arranges for equipment maintenance.
    • Oversees performance of snow removal at mail kiosks and The Gathering Place.
    • Plans and coordinates the major maintenance and improvement projects.
    • Plans and helps accomplish routine maintenance and repair tasks.
  • Coordinates the transition of common areas from the developer to the FHA as well as other tasks where necessary with Fitch Creations, Inc.
  • Manages FHA common properties so as to keep them as close as possible to what would exist if Fearrington Village were not here.
    • Oversees removal of dead and dying trees when they pose a hazard,
    • Encourages common areas to have native plant growth and remove invasive species where feasible, 
    • Provides and maintains safe walking paths so that they invite residents to use them.
  • Serves as liaison to the Green Scene and Trails committees.
Director, Infrastructure & Facilities
Mark A Haslam
  • Oversees care and maintenance of The Gathering Place, interior and exterior
  • Oversees reservations, rental fees for The Gathering Place
  • Oversees Gathering Place committees:
    1. Audio-Visual: Vacant
    2. Scheduling: Clairbeth Lehn
  • Supervises training and maintenance of audio-visual equipment for user groups
  • Supervises modification and maintenance of the security system
  • Supervises maintenance, repairs, and replacement for those mail kiosks that are the responsibility of FHA.


Director, Health, Safety and Security
Warren Ort
  • Maintains relationships with governmental safety, highway, and health agencies
    1. Chatham County Sheriff’s Department (especially the Community Service officers)
    2. Chatham County Emergency Management Department
    3. North Chatham County Fire Department Station #1
    4. Chatham County Public Health Department
    5. Traffic Engineering Section of the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDoT – we have 54 state secondary roads)
  • Oversees emergency preparedness, village road safety, and Community Watch information, sometimes working with advisory committees
  • Oversees conditions of most roadways, and liaises with NC Department of Highways
  • Helps to publicize health, safety, and security issues in the newsletter and elsewhere.


Barbara Benjamin919-357-3500
Stephen J (Steve) Gambino302-743-2262
Amy Ghiloni740-403-1730
Chris Kaman919-260-6119
Steve Stewart919-533-6886