2022 Tennis and Pickleball Schedule

2022 Tennis and Pickleball Schedule

Found above is the Combined Schedule of Play for FTPA Tennis and Pickleball (“Schedule”) for the first quarter of 2022.  Please note there are still times available for you to form a group and schedule your own regular playing times.  Contact Dan Green at danagreen49@icloud.com if you have a group and want to schedule a time.  You are also encouraged to grab your racket or paddle and come out for a quick game or practice on a first come, first served basis.  Just remember, you need to abide by the rules for tennis and pickleball priority as described on the schedule.

There will be changes in 2022.  Tennis play and pickleball play time will be divided between the sports as shown on the schedule.  In the mornings, time is set aside exclusively for tennis or pickleball play.  Only those sports can be played at those times.  The afternoons have “priority” times for either pickleball or tennis.  If a court time is open, either sport is allowed to play on the court. However, tennis players must stop playing if pickleball players want to play during a “pickleball priority” time and the reverse is true for pickleball players playing during a “tennis priority” time period.

Also, new pickleball court lines are being painted on the court.  Having both tennis and pickleball lines on the courts may be distracting to players at first.  We understand this distraction passes after a little time. Basically, you’ll probably get used to it over a short period of time and your play won’t be affected.  There will also be new equipment for pickleball play making set up faster and play safer and more enjoyable for players.

Finally, all tennis and pickleball players are wanted back as FTPA members in 2022.  Please work with us on the FTA Board as we try hard to make play fulfilling and fun for all club members.

Have a great holiday season and see you on the courts!