Homeowners Association Dues

Homeowners Association Dues

Updated February 12, 2021

Residents have been notified that the dues statement from HRW for 2021 contains two errors.  The name of our association should be “Fearrington Homeowners Association“.  The address for remitting your payment contains an incorrect zip code; it is missing one digit.  The correct zip code is 07101-4904.

Payments may be returned by the Post Office because of the incorrect zip code.  If you have not yet submitted your payment, you should change the name of our association and use the correct zip code. If your payment is returned, please re-send with the correct zip code (above).

And, as they say, that’s not all.  The Pittsboro Post Master today also requested that residents who use HRW return envelopes to mail payments be sure to place their return address at the top left corner of the envelope. It seems the space on the HRW envelope for the return address is too low and the postal scanners are mis-reading the address and returning the envelope to the sender.

There will be no impact of these errors on anyone who has already signed up for automatic payment.  These should be processed without any disruptions.  Nor will late payment fees be assessed against anyone who submits a payment this month.